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What do we offer ?
Lub-O-Seal Company offers a complete line 
of manufactured products for equipment and 
general maintenance.  We specialize in the
manufacture of high performance anti-seize
compounds, high temperature E.P. greases and oilfield tool joint compounds.
In addition to manufacturing, Lub-O-Seal
also has a distribution division that offers
more than 5000 distributed items which are
available from over 25 various manufacturers.

High-Temp Anti-Seize
Lub-O-Seal Regular Grade
Anti-Seize Compound

What makes us better ?

· Our Focus  
Lub-O-Seal has been manufacturing high performance anti-seizes, thread compounds and general maintenance lubricants for over 40 years.  Since
our first days in 1964, our focus has remained centered on these core products. 
· Our Performance  
Once you put Lub-O-Seal products to work, you can rest assured that
you have dramatically prolonged your equipment life, as well as reducing
your maintenance time and costs. 
· Our Commitment  
Our dedication to customer satisfaction, and our strong commitment to providing superior products has made it easy for our customers to choose Lub-O-Seal as a primary business partner. It's a reputation we have worked hard to achieve and will continually strive to maintain. 

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